Inglés B2

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Inglés B2 Inglés B2
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1 Unit 1
Adjective order
Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous
1.1 Shapes, materials, and colours
1.2 Adjective order
1.3 Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous
1.4 Watch the video Clip and complete the sentences
1.5 Watch the video again and read the script to check your answers
1.6 Grammar Help Box
1.7 Complete the following sentences using the following words
1.8 Listening
1.9 Reading
1.10 Vocabulary practice
1.11 Reading
1.12 Find words and expressions in the text that mean
1.13 Read the situation and then write two sentences
1.14 Grammar practice
1.15 Vocabulary
1.16 Reading
1.17 Find words in the text which mean the following
1.18 Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct position
1.19 Present perfect and present perfect continuous
1.20 Vocabulary
1.21 Writing
1.22 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 1
2 Unit 2
Past Perfect Tense
Reported speech
formas interrogativas en el estilo indirecto
2.1 The Past Perfect Tense
2.2 Reported speech
2.3 Las formas interrogativas en el estilo indirecto
2.4 Watch the video
2.5 Watch the video again and complete the sentences
2.6 Listening
2.7 Vocabulary
2.8 Compare these extracts
2.9 Grammar
2.10 Grammar practice
2.11 Put the verbs in brackets in to a suitable past tense
2.12 Writing
2.13 Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from the box
2.14 Read the diary below
2.15 Grammar practice
2.16 Grammar accuracy check
2.17 Fill in the blanks with a suitable present or past form
2.18 Find one example of the following
2.19 Grammar accuracy check
2.20 Report the following sentences
2.21 Circle the right option
2.22 Writing
2.23 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 2
3 Unit 3
Compound adjectives
The Second Conditional
3.1 What is the name of these machines
3.2 Complete the text using the words given in the box
3.3 Compound adjectives
3.4 The Second Conditional
3.5 Watch the video and read the text
3.6 Complete these sentences from the video
3.7 Grammar practice
3.8 Choose the most suitable tense
3.9 Grammar Help Box
3.10 Complete the sentences
3.11 Listen and answer the questions
3.12 Reading
3.13 Vocabulary practice
3.14 Guess the meanings of the words from their context
3.15 Now match the verbs with their definitions
3.16 Second conditional
3.17 Match the two halves of the sentences
3.18 Grammar practice
3.19 Vocabulary
3.20 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word given
3.21 Compound adjectives
3.22 Complete the sentences using the second conditional
3.23 Write sentences using the prompts
3.24 Writing
3.25 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 3
4 Unit 4
Third Conditional Review
A different use of would
4.1 Put the fields listed in the box under the correct heading
4.2 Match the words with the definitions
4.3 Use words from the box to complete the sentences
4.4 Third Conditional Review
4.5 A different use of would
4.6 Vocabulary
4.7 Watch the video and read the script
4.8 Grammar practice
4.9 Grammar Help Box
4.10 Read the text below and complete it with the following words
4.11 Complete the following sentences about Mark
4.12 Listening
4.13 Listen again, read the script and check your answers
4.14 Vocabulary practice
4.15 Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence
4.16 Choose the correct tense
4.17 Fill in the gap with the correct word
4.18 Complete the sentences with the correct modal verbs
4.19 Choose the correct words to fill in the gaps
4.20 Fill in the gap with an appropriate modal verb
4.21 Grammar practice
4.22 Write conditional sentences based on the following situations
4.23 Writing
4.24 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 4
5 Unit 5
Relative clauses
All and whole
5.1 Complete the sentences
5.2 Complete the postcard with the words from the list
5.3 Relative clauses
5.4 All and whole
5.5 Grammar Help Box
5.6 Watch the video then read the script
5.7 Reading
5.8 Find words in the text for the following
5.9 Listening
5.10 Talking About Feelings
5.11 Defining Relative Clauses
5.12 Non-defining relative clauses
5.13 Idiomatic Expressions
5.14 Add commas where necessary
5.15 Reading
5.16 Put the words in brackets in their correct forms
5.17 Writing practice
5.18 Look at the following advertising slogans
5.19 Grammar practice
5.20 Writing
5.21 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 5
6 Unit 6
Adjectives with numbers
The Passive
6.1 Vocabulary for food containers and packaging
6.2 Adjectives with numbers
6.3 Grammar Help Box
The Passive
6.4 Grammar Help Box
6.5 The Passive
6.6 Watch the video and complete the script using passives
6.7 Grammar practice
6.8 Listening
6.9 Reading
6.10 Answer the following questions
6.11 Grammar practice
6.12 Vocabulary practice
6.13 Choose the correct form of the verb
6.14 Theatre vocabulary
6.15 Let in the passive
6.16 A new airport is under construction in your town
6.17 Reading
6.18 Vocabulary practice
6.19 Grammar practice
6.20 Writing
6.21 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 6
7 Unit 7
Phrasal verbs with up
Reported Speech
7.1 Complete the sentences using words from the box
7.2 Phrasal verbs with up
7.3 Reported Speech
7.4 Watch the video and read the script
7.5 Change the sentences below into reported speech
7.6 Grammar practice
7.7 Rewrite the following questions into reported or indirect
7.8 Reading
7.9 Vocabulary practice
7.10 Listening
7.11 Reporting verbs
7.12 More reporting verbs
7.13 Phrasal verbs with up
7.14 Car vocabulary
7.15 Match the verbs from the list with the definitions
7.16 Reported speech
7.17 Put the following into reported speech
7.18 Indirect questions
7.19 Writing
7.20 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 7
8 Unit 8
Expressing probability, possibility, certainty
Present, Past and Future
8.1 Vocabulary to do with prisons and punishmen
8.2 Crime
8.3 Complete the following sentences
8.4 Expressing probability, possibility, certainty
Present and Future
8.5 Expressing probability, possibility, certainty
8.6 Complete the sentences
8.7 Purpose using
so that
8.8 Watch the video and answer the questions
8.9 Watch the video and read the script
8.10 Read the letter and correct the mistakes
8.11 Listening
8.12 Check your answers
8.13 Fill in the gaps with the appropriate verb
8.14 Choose the correct adjective
8.15 Fill in the gaps with the correct word
8.16 Grammar practice
8.17 Transformations
8.18 Choose the correct verb
8.19 Rewrite part A of the text below in reported speech
8.20 Rewrite part B of the text below in reported speech
8.21 Write five things that might happen
8.22 What could happen to you
8.23 Write five things that might have happened
8.24 Write five things which we assume must have happened
8.25 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 8
9 Unit 9
Question tags
9.1 Vocabulary to do with housework
9.2 Question tags
9.3 Expressing agreement using so and neither
9.4 Watch the video and fill in the spaces in the text
9.5 The following words or phrases are used in the video
9.6 Reading
9.7 Grammar practice
9.8 Look at the following sentences from the text
9.9 Look at the table again and complete
9.10 Study the rules above and fill in the gaps
9.11 Grammar and Listening practice
9.12 Pronunciation practice
9.13 Listen to the sentences again
9.14 Vocabulary practice
9.15 Making suggestions
9.16 Vocabulary
9.17 Choose the best form of the adjective
9.18 Question Tags
9.19 So and neither
9.20 Fill in the gaps in these sentences using one of the following words
9.21 Make the following phrases into questions
9.22 Reported speech
9.23 Grammar practice
9.24 Writing
9.25 Cuestionario: Objetivos didácticos_Unit 9
9.26 Cuestionario: Cuestionario final -

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